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Finding Balanced Solutions To Rental Property Disputes

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, a dispute over rental property can quickly escalate into a heated, high-stakes battle. As the living situation sours, emotions run high and the potential for financial hardship increases. Negotiating a fair resolution can feel like an uphill battle without an experienced legal advocate in your corner.

I am landlord and tenant dispute lawyer Christina Okura, and I have more than a decade of legal experience. At Ming Lee Law Firm, LLC, I provide landlords and tenants with the legal representation they need to protect their rights and pursue a favorable outcome. As a real estate lease attorney representing clients on both sides of the rental equation, I understand the interests at stake.

My deep knowledge of Maryland’s landlord-tenant laws allows me to effectively advocate for landlords and tenants alike in an impartial, ethical manner. I’m committed to helping resolve disputes fairly and efficiently. I’m also a formidable litigator, fully prepared to advocate for you in court.

Trusted Property Lease Lawyer Services In Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia

I represent landlords and tenants in Rockville and nearby communities in Montgomery and Frederick counties in the following areas of housing law:

  • Breach of lease
  • Commercial lease drafting and review
  • Evictions
  • Nonpayment of rent

Whether you need assistance with an eviction proceeding, drafting an airtight lease agreement or are facing allegations of violating your rental contract, I have the litigation skills to protect your rights.

If you’re a tenant facing termination due to nonpayment of rent, I can guide you through the legal process and evaluate whether proper procedures were followed. I can also help tenants review any lease before they sign.

For landlords, I provide comprehensive lease agreement drafting and review services to ensure your rental contracts fully comply with Maryland law and protect your interests.

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Rental housing conflicts can have major financial and personal ramifications. Don’t navigate a landlord-tenant dispute alone. Contact Ming Lee Law Firm, LLC, by calling 301-385-1808 or by emailing me and let us discuss your case.